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Use of millet for cystitis


At the first signs of cystitis, it is necessary to turn to an urologist, who will prescribe the correct treatment, but with this disease, many people turn to methods. traditional medicine.

Despite the fact that such unconventional methods are in most cases condemned by doctors, millet in case of cystitis is even approved by specialists, since it is a safe and effective method that helps speed up the healing process.

Properties of millet in the fight against cystitis

Millet is good for many diseases of the urinary system due to its special properties and composition. This grain crop is rich B vitamins, which quickly relieve inflammation and stimulate regeneration processes in the damaged tissues of the mucous membranes affected by inflammations.

This is particularly evident in the example of the bladder mucosa, which, when applied decoctions and tinctures on millet, quickly returns to normal. Inflammation also helps to stop the croup. magnesium.

The stabilization of regeneration processes is also facilitated by an increased amount of protein in millet - this element is actively involved in the repair processes of damaged cells and helps the body. synthesize new tissues.

When using millet-based products, toxins are eliminated from the body more quickly, as well as residual deposits of antibiotic drugs. This explains the fact that during the treatment of cystitis, urologists recommend that women include in their diet millet porridge.

Also croup has diuretic properties.

During the course of treatment of cystitis, this is important, because when urinating at the end of treatment, the urinary tract cleans from the remnants of infection.

Are there any contraindications?

Millet is a seemingly innocuous natural product, but in some cases folk recipes based on this grain crop may be contraindicated. Take similar means Not recommended in the following diseases:

  • diseases and disorders of the thyroid gland,
  • pancreatic diseases,
  • pancreatitis,
  • reduced acidity of the stomach,
  • inflammatory processes of the colon.

Relative contraindication is ulcer, as with this disease, it is allowed to eat grated millet porridge and also treatment with infusions of millet.

It is proved that millet can also adversely affect the absorption of iodine, and therefore, in the treatment with means for millet, it is additionally necessary to consume vitamin complexes containing this element, as well as iodine-containing products.

It is not necessary to base the treatment of cystitis solely on the methods of traditional medicine: this can only be a supplement to the traditional medical treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Also, millet is not recommended against cystitis in men, since excessive use of this cereal can lead to problems with potency.

Application Methods

Among the methods of traditional medicine in which millet is involved, decoctions are the most popular, which, in the absence of contraindications, can cope with cystitis for seven days, at the same time work of intestines also stabilizes.

It is necessary to rinse two tablespoons of raw millet under running water, and then pour two cups of boiling water in a saucepan. After the water boils, cover the pan with a lid and wrap a blanket, leaving in such a form for one to two hours.

After the decoction has been infused, it must be drained through clean gauze, after which the millet itself can be discarded and the liquid drunk every three hours one teaspoon.

Broth must be consumed at least a week, and preferably within seven days after the disappearance of symptoms of the disease for prevention.

For cooking another option, broth is also taken two tablespoons of millet, but not filled with hot water, and then cook this small amount of cereal and let it brew for ten minutes, and then drain.

On the first day, one teaspoonful of broth is taken every three hours, on the second day the time interval remains the same, but the dose is increased to three spoons, and for the next five days the agent must be taken half a glass.

From millet prepare infusions that help with cystitis. Millet in the amount of two glasses is thoroughly washed under running water and filled into a three-liter jar, after which it is wrapped in a blanket or a thick towel and infused for three days.

It is important to put the container in a dark and warm place.

After the expiration of the infusion, the liquid is filtered and separated from the millet. Drink this water daily one glass for a week.

Another option - two tablespoons of washed millet infused in two and a half glasses of cool water for twenty minutes. It is necessary to drink ready infusion for four receptions, having stretched this quantity for day. In the first entry, a whole glass is dug in, and in the next three visits - half a glass each.

Every day you need to prepare a new batch, the course lasts just three days.

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To prepare the suspension, one hundred grams of millet is taken, which must be washed and dried. The cereal is placed in a small saucepan and poured into a glass of boiling water, after which the millet is ground in water until it is homogenous - this is the suspension.

The whole mass is drunk in one gulp, you need to take such a tool three times a day for two weeks.

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The composition of the grass

Millet is a useful and nutritious product, due to its composition it is used not only in cooking, but also in the treatment of many diseases. It contains almost the full range of vitamins and proteins, so necessary for the rejuvenation of the internal organs and systems of the vital activity of the human body.

We list the main useful elements that can be obtained with regular use of cereal:

Healing properties and benefits of millet

Among the useful qualities of this cereal are:

  • stimulation of metabolic processes,
  • diaphoretic and detoxification action,
  • diuretic property,
  • removal of intoxication,
  • normalization of cardiac activity
  • vessel strengthening,
  • slowing down the development of atherosclerosis,
  • increase in blood hemoglobin level
  • Normalization of cholesterol levels
  • facilitate urination,
  • stimulation of the kidneys,
  • crushing kidney stones
  • removal of microbes from the bladder and urinary tract,
  • immunity strengthening.

Since there are many substances in cereal, the lack of which negatively affects the kidneys, the use of cereals helps to cope with diseases of the genitourinary system. The presence of diuretic properties helps to reduce cholesterol and break down fats.

The high protein content of millet is responsible for the elimination of toxins and decomposition products of antibiotics. Such properties are good in the treatment of cystitis in that the addition of sand and stones from the renal pelvis.

According to traditional medicine, treatment with millet at home allows to stop not only the symptoms of the disease, but also to influence the very cause of the disease. So the grass helps to get rid of even chronic cystitis.

These features allow millet to cope with a large number of pathologies, but it is not necessary to assume that it is possible to cope with the disease only with the help of it.

Millet treatment rules

Cereal culture has a range of therapeutic properties. Regular use of decoctions and infusions of this cereal promotes accelerated recovery from inflammation of the bladder.

How to treat millet cystitis? If you decide to use this folk remedy, remember:

  • Millet should not be abused by men, since large amounts of croup leads to problems with potency. The duration of treatment should not exceed 30 days.
  • It was revealed that this cereal has a negative effect on iodine absorption, therefore, during treatment, one should simultaneously take food and vitamins with this element.
  • Please note that you can take only fresh millet for treatment - the ideal option is grains from millet, devastated not later than a year ago. This is the only way to expect an effect.
  • Treatment should begin at the first signs of the disease and only after consulting a doctor, as there are contraindications.
  • It is also not worth waiting for improvement immediately. The inflammatory process requires long-term treatment.

Contraindications and precautions

Like many popular methods, millet-based medicines have their limitations. Although millet, at first glance, is a natural and harmless product, it can sometimes be harmful.

Use of millet is contraindicated for people with diseases:

  • pancreas,
  • colon,
  • thyroid pathology,
  • pancreatitis,
  • when there is a reduced acidity of the stomach.

Millet infusions

Infusions of millet cystitis quickly and easily prepared. In addition to their healing qualities, they give a feeling of fullness, which is why they have become so popular with women who watch their weight. Before cooking, you need to pre-wash two glasses of cereal under running water.

After that, you need to pour it into the container and fill it with water. The container is wrapped and cleaned for three days in a warm place and dark place. After the due time, the infusion is filtered. Drink water every day a glass during the week.

Treatment of cystitis with millet can be another option infusion. To do this, take 2 tbsp. spoon cereal, which is thoroughly washed. Next, pour the cereal 2.5 st. water and cleans infuse for 20 minutes. The solution is drunk in 4 doses. The first time they drink a glass of a medicinal product, then 0.5 ct. everyday. Reception duration - 3 days, in each of which it is necessary to prepare fresh drink.

You can still cook another folk remedy. For this, a three-liter can is half filled with cereal. The rest of the tank is filled with water. Means wrapped and cleaned for a day in a warm and dark place. After this, the infusion is separated from the millet, it is drunk three times a day. The duration of treatment with such a remedy is at least a week.

The recipes of wheat broths have a good popularity, as they stabilize the activity of the intestines and the bladder, adjusting the weight.

This recipe is effective: take 2 tbsp. spoon cereal and pour them 2/5 tbsp. spoons of boiled water. Leave to insist on for half an hour. The medicine will turn cloudy. They drink it according to the following scheme: start with 1 cup three times a day. Further, the dose is reduced to 0.5 cups. Reception duration - 3 days.

To prepare another equally effective decoction, you will need to pour 2 tbsp. spoons of cereal 400 ml. water. All boil, insist and drain. Take a decoction of millet every 2 hours in a spoon. This treatment course is 7 days.

People often suffering from cystitis, it is recommended to use millet as a tea. It is easy to prepare, but very useful. The recipe is as follows: a spoon of cereal is filled with boiling water. Honey is added to taste. It is taken 3 times a day during the week.

Medical porridge

When cystitis, in addition to cooking decoctions, should be consumed every day millet porridge. It is perfect for a diet. Porridge also has beneficial properties and is beneficial for both the female and the male body.

Half a cup of cereal is taken, washed thoroughly until all sediment is gone. Next, the croup is poured 200 ml. cold water and sent to the fire until ready. 10 minutes are enough for cooking. During cooking, you do not need to add salt and sugar.

To make the grain of millet softer, and the porridge itself rich, you must remove it from the heat and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then you can add spices and butter. Cooked volume is eaten throughout the day.

In order to prevent the development of such an unpleasant illness as cystitis, one should dress according to the weather and not overcool. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, you must try to do a warm-up often and stick to proper nutrition. Also do not abuse the sharp and fried dishes. And most importantly, do not start the disease: in chronic form it will be much more difficult to treat it!

Why is millet useful for cystitis?

Cystitis is a disease characterized by inflammation in the mucous membrane of the bladder and manifested by problems with urination, pain. Most often, the provocateurs of the disease are pathogenic microorganisms that have penetrated into the organ, and they certainly cannot be eliminated from such a folk remedy as millet for cystitis, a course of drug therapy should also be prescribed. At the same time, inflammation does not always have an infectious nature (sometimes, it is caused by hypothermia, reduced immunity, an allergic reaction of the body), and in this case “golden” croup will be an excellent component of home treatment.

Judging by the reviews of millet with cystitis, this is a folk remedy, albeit a simple one, but it is a fairly strong tool in the fight against the disease. Its composition has a positive effect on the work of various organs, it is especially useful for patients with pathologies of the heart (due to an abundance of potassium), liver and in case of problems with blood circulation. It has a unique ability to remove toxins from the body, remnants of antibiotics, slags, sand from the kidneys. Croup is considered one of the most useful for those who suffer from urological diseases.

Before deciding the most effective recipes for millet cystitis treatment, it should be noted that for the treatment of the people, only grain of excellent quality, beautiful golden-yellow color, enumerated, without extraneous inclusions, not refractory (it should not produce unpleasant odors) is used.

Are there any contraindications for millet folk treatment?

It should be borne in mind that the treatment of millet cystitis besides the benefits has some contraindications. Among them are the following:

  • diseases of the stomach, accompanied by low acidity,
  • acute intestinal inflammation,
  • pregnancy,
  • peptic ulcer (stomach, duodenum),
  • pancreatitis,
  • erectile dysfunction (men should pay attention to the fact that if there are problems with potency, millet infusions can aggravate them, so it may be worthwhile to consider other methods of popular treatment).

With increased caution to the course of treatment of mildew cystitis in women and men should be treated by all those who suffer from a tendency to constipation and who have iodine deficiency.

The most common and simple recipes for the use of wheat for cystitis

The largest number of positive reviews about the treatment of cystitis with millet in women gathered therapeutic suspension. Preparing it is not difficult at all: take ½ cup of selected cereals, rinse well, pour into a 1-liter jar, add a glass of water (drinking, clean, unboiled) to it. Next, the grains should be grind, while the water turns white and becomes slightly foamy. Suspension is ready! You need to drink it three times a day, the total course of treatment is at least a week. Be sure to prepare a new portion of the suspension, use fresh cereals.

You can choose a simpler way. Grains can be brewed by preparing a kind of healing tea. Proportions for him: one tablespoon for a full glass of boiling water. Next, in the traditional way for tea, let the drink brew, cover the container with a lid, and drink the resulting whitish liquid. To make the tea more tasty, you can add honey to it.

Among the simplest recipes for the use of millet from cystitis in women, in folk medicine, the preparation of millet water is described. 2.5 tablespoons of grain are taken for half a liter of water, all this is brought to a boil and removed from the heat. Further, the container is well wrapped and left to infuse (you can even all night). Then drink one tablespoon every three hours.

Having set a goal for yourself - we get rid of cystitis, stay a week on a special millet diet. At the same time, cereal from this cereal must be present in the daily menu. For its preparation, a ratio of 1: 2 is used, i.e. one cup of grain is poured with two water and cooked over low heat with frequent stirring until ready. In the second half of cooking, you can add milk. Very tasty millet porridge to turn out, if it will languish until cooked in the oven.

In the future, for the prevention of urological diseases and for general body strengthening, it is recommended to millet more often into your diet, preparing porridge from it (especially a tasty combination with pumpkin), pudding, soup, and casseroles.

We also offer to visit our cystitis forum, reviews can help you a lot or leave your comments. Remember that by sharing your experience you can help someone as much as you can.