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The origin, characteristics and meaning of the name Glafira

In our time, it is customary to attach great importance to the origin of a particular name. Parents try to name their child not only beautifully, but also so that their life will be successful. What does the name Glafira promise to its owner? About this you will learn from this article.

Patron saint

Has the richest history of female name Glafira. The meaning of the name goes back to the ancient Greek word glafiri, which translates as "beautiful", "refined", "skillful", "elegant". In the Christian calendar, it fell into memory of the righteous virgin Glafira, who suffered from the persecution of the pagans in the early 4th century. Ecclesiastical principles suggest that the heavenly patron of man is a saint, whose day of commemoration falls on his birthday or goes after this date. The church remembers the righteous life of St. Glafira on May 9 (April 26).

The name Glafira came to Russia along with the adoption of Christianity. For many years the meaning of the name remained incomprehensible to the Slavs, since it had a foreign origin. In early historical sources it is not, therefore, to say with certainty in which social strata it was used in the 11-16 centuries, the researchers can not. But by the 18th century, the name became popular among all classes. His most famous bearer was Alymova Glafira Ivanovna (1758-1826). She was a student of the Smolny Institute, the best harpist of her time. The girl enjoyed the special patronage and love of Catherine II, always celebrating the musical talent of the young Alymova.


A fairly common name in Russia at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries is Glafira. The meaning of the name and its sound captivated many famous Russian writers. Prince I. M. Dolgorukov in his poetic experiments sang, under the name of Glafira, Princess V. P. Volkonskaya. And the famous playwright and prose writer A. N. Ostrovsky presented this name to several heroines of his dramas. The characters of the novel “The Noble Nest” by I. S. Turgenev, the novel “On Knives” by N. S. Leskov, the plays “Yegor Bulychev and Others” by A. M. Gorky are also named after Glafira.

The significance of the name in the post-revolutionary decades was quickly forgotten. But at the end of the last century, he was again remembered. Now the name of Glafira again came into use. One of the most famous of its modern owners is actress Tarkhanova Glafira Alexandrovna.

The value of the name Glafira for girls carries a positive connotation. The baby is growing up a highly intellectual person with outstanding mental abilities and intuition. She is curious and fearless, which sometimes pushes her to dangerous adventures. Always ready to defend their own interests, but with close people open, cordial and kind. True, the independence of Glafira can grow into stubbornness and despotism. Under the visible intransigence she hides her vulnerability.

He likes to demonstrate his own sophistication Glafira. The meaning of the name, the nature of its sound suggest that all earthly joys are alien to it. However, it is not. In fact, the owner of this name is extremely businesslike, stubborn and persistent. She is the unofficial head of the family, she can get her way, if not by tough methods, then by gentle persuasion.

The meaning of the name Glafira and its fate are inextricably linked with creative and social activities. She is definitely a public person. It will suit the profession of actress, director, art historian, politician. The girl is extremely adventurous, loves risk, travel, adventure. Her life will never be boring.

Glafira has an extraordinary business acumen, but she lacks the patience to sit long in one place. Its financial position is never stable. Staying on the crest of success is quickly replaced by large monetary losses, but Glafira never gives up and always seeks to improve her position.

With the choice of a life partner, Glafira is not in a hurry. The meaning of the name suggests that she needs a strong and wise spouse, with a cheerful disposition and affectionate kind. Finding such a person is not easy, but Glafira will surely achieve her own way here too. She may have a strong marriage with Avvakum, Averyan, Vavila, Alfer, Gerasim, Demid, Gordey, Evgraf, Efrem, Mitrofan, Matthew, Nikifor, Parfen, Orest, Pakhom, Fock, Protas, Ustin, Timofey. Difficult relations await her with Abram, Ermak, Feoktist, Miron.

Now you know the meaning of the name Glafira. His mistress has a strong character and unstoppable craving for adventure.


Glafira is complex and controversial. This is a sophisticated and very mysterious nature. Looking at her, it seems that apart from the sensitive and sublime inner world, this girl is no longer interested in anything. She has a sad and serious expression, a beautiful figure, a thoughtful look and a very laconic speech.

Glafira is so patient, humble and docile, that it is surprising and wondering: "How can such a person exist in a modern cruel world?" And her hard work and endurance, along with her businesslike character, truly confirm the idea that the strength of a woman is weak. She is surprisingly easy to play a female role. She cooks delicious food, keeps everything clean, and housekeeping is fine. Never hides from life problems, does not lie to others and does not engage in self-deception.

Glafira is constantly looking for his happiness, no offense to fate and claims to the surrounding world. The girl learns to silently forgive and from this gets strength. She has few true friends, but she knows them, because they appear next to her when it is very difficult for her. A woman with this name is not hypocritical and does not hide from her other cherished desires. Sometimes they seem small, funny, too mundane. But for her data dreams are extremely important, and she makes efforts to achieve results.

This seemingly soft woman is capable of adventurous actions and risks, protecting her family, home, children, husband and close relatives. She does not know how to dream idly, lying on the couch. This is a man of action. She sees the goal and systematically achieves its achievement. But most clearly in the character of Glafira such a feature as flexibility is manifested. If there is a need to change their point of view, then she does it very skillfully, without humiliating or offending anyone. The secret of the name lies in its inner world, which is filled with prayers, faith and natural wisdom.

Hobby and profession

Glafira has creative abilities. She knows the secrets of folk art and national cuisine. It is difficult to compare with it in the skill of weaving lace, knitting, embroidery, weaving. She was accustomed to perform any work diligently and responsibly.

Perfectly realizes itself in the profession of a doctor, cook, educator, teacher, housewife. He gets pleasure by working as a nurse, volunteer, midwife, and psychologist.

Love and family

The owner of the name Glafira is a very sensual girl. She is odnolyubka, so the first love carries through life. In marriage is patient. Such a person is able to hold a family on her shoulders, taking care not only of the household, but also of her material support. She knows how to create and keep happiness in the house, teaches children goodness, respect for work, creativity, family and folk customs. Relatives listen and respect her, the psychic nature of such a personality is aimed at creation. She skillfully builds relationships with her husband, nurturing respect for her father and family values ​​in children, and she does it as if she has the secrets of higher powers.

Characteristic name Glafira

Positive features: A woman named after Glafira possesses high mental abilities, developed intuition, and independence. The owner of the name Glafira is fearless and curious, which sometimes pushes her into adventures. It is of particular importance for her to protect her interests, attitudes and beliefs, but with close people she is open, kind and cordial.

Negative traits: Independence of Glasha often turns into maximalism, a desire to achieve a goal by any means, into uncontrollability. A woman named after Glafira is inconsistent and unpredictable in her actions, often stubborn. Despotism is combined with carefully concealed vulnerability, sensitivity, secret fears.

Character name Glafira: The girl with this name is a very refined person who loves to pretend that only the sublime and the unearthly gives great importance. However, by nature the bearer named Glafira is very businesslike, persevering, stubborn, knows how to put on his.

Glafira and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: It is favorable to have a name with Avvakum, Averyan, Alfer, Vavila, Gerasim, Gordey, Demid, Yevgraf, Efrem, Matvey, Mitrofan, Nikifor, Orest, Parfen, Pahom, Protas, Timothy. The name Glafira is also combined with, Ustin, Fock. Difficult relations of the name are likely with Abram, Ananias, Ermak, Miron, Feoktist.

Love and marriage: In choosing a husband Glafira is not in a hurry. She can really be happy with a smart, strong man, but also fun and affectionate. The girl with this name is a home person and holds the whole family, if not in her fists, then in soft cat legs.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: A girl named Glafira can prove herself as an outstanding public figure, actress, director, artist. A woman named after Glafira is adventurous, loves risk, tends to change her place of residence. In the life of Glasha can be many adventures, including dangerous.

Business and career: In financial matters, she can have either great successes or big failures. Gray life rarely suits Glasha.

Glafira's Fate in History

What does the name Glafira mean for women's fate?

  1. The name of Glafir is connected with an interesting story from the life of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and a Polish politician Chaplinsky, who was a hetman governor in Chigirin. Chaplinsky's daughter gave the Cossack the opportunity to escape and go to Warsaw, where he complained to the king, and Chaplinsky for his willful act with the royal officer was cut off, according to the royal command, one mustache. Khmelnitsky did not long be resentful of his offense from Chaplinsky, perhaps in part she served as a pretext for his calls for anti-Polish uprisings in Little Russia. The story is silent about the future fate of the girl.
  2. G. Galina (1873-1942) - the writer.
  3. Gm Vasilevich (1895-1971) - linguist, ethnographer-Tungusoved.
  4. GI Alimov - maid of honor of Empress Catherine, model portrait Levitsky.
  5. G.Zhukovskaya (1898–1991) - singer (lyric and coloratura soprano), Honored Artist of the RSFSR, was a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater.
  6. G. Okulova (Teodorovich) (party pseudonym - “Bunny”) (1878-1957) - Russian revolutionary. During the Civil War - a member of the RVS of the 8th Army of the Red Army.
  7. G.Kashirina (1925-1943) - pilot, participant of the Great Patriotic War, navigator of the 46th Guards Bomber Women's Aviation Regiment, Commander of the Order of the Red Banner.
  8. G.Sidorova (b. 1922) - Russian actress, People’s Artist of the USSR.
  9. G.Tarkhanov (b. 1983) - modern theater and film actress.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Glafira name, meaning and origin of name, character and fate

The name Glafira appeared in Russia after the adoption of Christianity and has Greek roots, like many other Slavic names. The meaning of the name Glafira (Glasha) is “elegant”, “refined”. We know the full female name Glafira and its abbreviated form - Glasha, but now in Russian-speaking countries it is not particularly popular.

Often the girl appears in large families and is more like her father. She is serious and arrogant since childhood. She is not very talkative, so parents and teachers are very hard to make contact with her. This line of character is better to attach importance to since childhood and try to convince the girl to be more kind and sociable.

But the girl will find those children that she likes, and will be friends with them. In communication with friends, she is more relaxed and talkative, loves to visit them and invites them home.

Since childhood, the girl is very arrogant and serious, which is why it is often difficult for parents to find a common language with her.

In school, the girl named Glafira is quite curious. She likes to read books on various subjects. May be interested in different areas of life, but really seriously interested in something by the end of school. Because of her curiosity and erudition, the girl has good grades in school.

An adult girl is overly persistent and strict. Often, her perseverance goes beyond all boundaries; she will always do everything in her own way, not paying attention to the opinions of others. The girl needs to pay attention to this character trait and learn to analyze their actions.

May shock society with their behavior, especially outfits. This way she wants to please others and express herself, but most people will take such actions for miraculousness.

The main secret of the name is the relationship to colleagues. Due to personal curiosity and extended interests, she considers them worthless and unprofessional executors of her work. But she prefers to keep quiet about it.

Wanting to attract people’s attention and please people can often shock

Also, the nature of women will directly depend on what time of year she was born. Autumn Glafira have a difficult character, with which not everyone is ready to get along, it will not just be her life. It is necessary to attach great importance to this and develop gentleness, kindness and patience. Winter girl loves to controversy, defends his opinion, pretends that she is only interested in the sublime and unearthly.

The positive traits of character include the fact that Glafira is mentally developed, rather independent, and her intuition is well developed. With people close to her, she is pleased with the good, ready to provide them with support and assistance. Despite obstinacy, her mind is filled with secret fears and offenses, so her behavior can be unpredictable.

The girl has good health and supports, cares about him throughout her life.

Marriage and family

In relationship with men, a girl named Glafira not quite picky, although she chooses and looks at her chosen one for a long time. She wants to become a leader after marriage and control everything.

Strict in raising children, which she often has a lot. A woman will be a good housekeeper, keep the house clean and be able to give it comfort. She loves cooking and is good at it. She is hospitable, long-awaited guests can sing and dance.

Glafira loves cooking and becomes the perfect hostess.

Glafira, born in the fall, will become more domestic after marriage, can drastically change its character, give leadership to her husband, become a tender wife and a caring mother.

Will be able to be happily married with Ivan, Gregory, Peter, Zakhar, Danil, Maximilian, Fyodor, Matvey. It is better to avoid relations with Nikita, Klim, Miron, Mikhail, Evdokim.

Career and hobbies

Her hobby can be cooking, dancing and singing. She likes to receive guests and visit them.

Glafira Kozulin (Russian actress)

Glafira is hardworking and inquisitive, therefore after receiving a diploma, she will not stop learning and learning about the world. She can work in any position, not always in her profession.

At one place, she will precisely sit and be able to secure a fairly free financial position. She is easy-going, ready to move, so she can be good public figure, actress or director. In the sphere of its activity, great successes and failures await, but neither one nor the other will stop it.


  • Has taken its place in history Glafira Chaplinskayawhich went against the will of her father and saved Bogdan Khmelnitsky from imprisonment.
  • Tsarevna Glafirathe wife of Alexander of Judea.
  • Tarkhanova Glafiramodern actress.

  • Kashirina G., participant of the Second World War, pilot.
  • Galina G., a writer of the last century.
  • Sidorova G., People's Artist of the USSR.

Glafira Zhukovskaya (Soviet opera singer)

Name Day Glafira celebrated on May 9. The holy martyr Glafira was beheaded for her faith in God. This name is Orthodox and Catholic, and for a child can become a church name. During baptism, a person can be given any other name that is on the list of Orthodox or Catholic names.

Other options

Here we are with you and found out what the name Glafira means for a girl. Before deciding on the name of their unborn child, parents often “try on” several names for him. And to figure out how they affect a person’s fate, better to get acquainted with the characteristic and value. On this site you will find many other names, and I will suggest some of them for you.

  • Galina has a firm and confident character. She is very creative and will succeed in this direction. She really loves her family, children, husband and parents, and is ready for everything for their sake. She is in time everywhere and all her affairs will go well.She can get a cottage, a big house and garden, and everywhere she can bring order and comfort.
  • Girl Darina madly loves to travel and frequent relocation is important for her. She can be a capricious bride, but a good wife and mistress.
  • Friendly girl is Greta. She is a very reliable and good friend, always help and support, but will not allow herself to use or manipulate. She is balanced and keeps her emotions under control. It combines many talents, the development of which will bring her great success.

Numerology named Glafira

People born under the number six, strive for altruism and selflessness, help others, maintain kinship and friendship. They always make loving parents and children, they also feel confident working in education, health care, engaging in community work. Caring, traditional views, the denial of too abrupt changes provide the six stability and confidence, but at the same time can make them vulnerable and inert.

The meaning of the letters in the name Glafira

R - scrupulousness, unpredictability, thirst for new knowledge. To solve problems, they use the most non-standard solutions and take into account everything to the smallest detail. Owners of the letter "G" in the name are distinguished by fine mental organization and disgust.

L - artistic and inventive personality. In actions they prefer to be guided by logical thinking. They know how to endear themselves. In rare cases, narcissists and with disdain relate to other people. It is extremely difficult to tolerate separation from loved ones. They are too capricious and require increased attention to their person.

BUT - the alphabet begins with it, and it symbolizes the beginning, the desire to achieve success. If the person in the name has this letter, then he will constantly strive for physical and spiritual balance. People whose name begins with "A" are hardworking enough. They like to take initiative in everything and they don’t like routine.

F - perfectly adapt to environmental conditions. Always have lots of great ideas. In their stories they can embellish and embellish a little. Very fond of helping people. They are never boring. Their life is always filled with many interesting events.

AND - fine mental organization, romance, kindness, honesty and peacefulness. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance, while men focus on inner qualities.

They achieve great success in science and work with people. Very economical and prudent.

R - people with the letter "P" in the name have extraordinary thinking. They are very responsible, you can rely on them in any situation. They have a well developed intuition, extremely negative attitude to lies. They constantly strive for leadership, but in family relationships they rely on their partner.

Name like phrase

  • R - Verb (Speak)
  • L - People
  • BUT - Az (I, Me, Myself, Myself)
  • F - Firth (the meaning of the word combines the concepts: Spit, Axis of Peace, Basis, Source),
  • AND - And (Union, Unite, Union, UNITY, United, Together, "Together with")
  • R - Rtsy (Rivers, Speak, Sayings)

Name Glafira in English (Latin)

Completing the document in English, you must first write the name, then the middle name in Latin letters and only then the last name. You may need to write the name Glafira in English when applying for a foreign passport, ordering a foreign hotel, placing an order in an English online store, and so on

The history and origin of the name

The theme of the meaning and origin of the name Glafira harbors many secrets and secrets, which is not surprising. But a great number of astrologers worked on their solution, and now most of them have been solved and can tell not only about the promising future, but also about the history of the emergence ...

It turns out that the roots of this name are hidden in Greek culture. Translated from the ancient Greek language, it means "slim", "elegant", "beautiful" woman. There are other versions, but they have no evidence.

It is believed that this thing was the most popular back in the 50-90s. Now it is not too common, but it is periodically found in Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and even many states of America. The character of the girl named by him gives many interesting things ...

Meaning of the name Glafira

This Greek name means “beautiful” or “elegant”. Question meaning of the name Glafira slightly more complicated than the one previously discussed, and it harbors many secrets. But several interesting facts are still known to modern astrologers, and among them is the fact that in the future newborn girl named by this name have such qualities of character as sincerity, honesty, justice, energy and tranquility. True, they all appear alternately, not all at once, and not at a small age.

Pampering and playfulness, it’s not about her, on the contrary, is obedient and easily obeys parents, listens to remarks, criticism and lectures, does not react to them harshly, although on the other hand, having heard the same from other people, offended and bearing a grudge for a long time. It is good only to criticize the mother with the father, although the father is more out of fear, and the mother out of respect. It has diligence, dedication, desire to develop and be better, to create extremely positive opinions about yourself. Minus one - to cope with her kind is difficult, unpredictable, and always changes mood, depending on the environment. At the same time, these characteristics will pass from it from childhood to adulthood, which can be very negatively said in the process of self-realization and becoming a free and independent person.

Early childhood

In early childhood, a girl, who is patronized by the meaning of the noun form Glafira, can have a very tearful and emotional nature. Such a little girl will be naughty all the time for all sorts of trivia, sometimes even without a good reason for that. Compared to other babies, she can distinguish a whole list of qualities. Usually the value of this name gives them such as touchiness, emotionality, capriciousness, exactingness, principles, persistence, unpredictability, gentleness, shyness and naivety, mobility and disobedience, self-indulgence and cunning. The girl, who is dominated by the value and energy of the Glafira name, can have a very capricious childhood - parents will have a very hard time, because Glafira will never back down from her desires and will demand what she wants, until the last, by means of tricks, deception, whims most real tantrums. At the same time, it will not be able to be dissuaded from the undertaking even by cunning or distraction of attention.

But the value of the Glafira name usually bestows carriers with incredible sociability, thanks to which from childhood such a girl can have an incredibly many friends. She will never give up a new acquaintance, she is always ready to communicate with new people. And in general, it is simply impossible not to be friends with Glafira - in spite of all her capriciousness, she is very cheerful and resourceful, and will always find something to do. She is never bored with, she is full of ideas and ideas, and she faithfully embodies everything into reality, no matter what it costs her.

The adolescent girl, who is patronized by the importance and energy of the name Glafira, may remain as complex as ever. Her nature is too capricious and touchy, she is offended at everything, including even those not worth this trifle. At the same time, as a teenager, Glafira can become even more capricious and touchy, and plus to her, a strong insistence can add to her resentment, which can not always play into the hands of a teenager. But the girl Glafira will surely have many friends among her classmates and peers, and those who follow her wherever she goes. And each Glafira, without exception, has leadership and organizational skills, although it is not known when and how they will manifest in a teenager. But it also happens that they do not appear at all - it all depends on education.

But among other things, the girl who received the name Glafira, there are many other qualities. For example, these are always well-developed imagination and fantasy. The value bestows on the name of Glafira girls called excellent imagination, which can manifest itself primarily in the works. Plus, these are mostly eloquent and kind persons with whom it is pleasant to communicate. On the other hand, all Glafirs are too lazy in terms of studying - they do not like the exact sciences and prefer the humanities to them. And the value can give the character of the girl named by this name such trait as amorousness, which, just in adolescence, will make itself felt the most.

Adult woman

In adulthood, a woman over whom protects the value and energy of the name Glafira, nature may change to the brink. Typically, such value in adult life gives a very sensitive and emotional, receptive and quick-tempered kind. Adult Glafira, this is a very vulnerable person, it is not difficult for anyone to offend her. By telling her about her shortcomings, reproaching her for failures, or noticing some business that she failed to bring to the end, you can offend her to such an extent that she would never again In no case will not contact. But at the same time, she also hates sneaks. She will hate and avoid people who extol someone's abilities for the sake of her own benefit, even if personally Glafira herself. Such a difficult kind can impart a carrier to the value of Glafira.

But in maturity Glafira can be very loyal, faithful, patient, correct and principled woman. Such a thing will never give up the started business without good reason for it, never take advantage of someone's weakness for the sake of achieving their own goals, and she will never betray. True, artistry in Glafira is still present, at least in most of the girls named by that name. Meaning can bestow really good artistic features - this can be easily adapted to any environment and any mood in society, it can pretend and do so. To all around like.

Relationship with men

As for the relationship of the girl named Glafira with representatives of the opposite sex, everything here is quite simple. On the one hand, Glafira, this is a very unpredictable and complex person, but on the other, she easily accepts people as they are, and because of this, she wins the most positive attitude towards herself. From this it follows that Glafira will be popular among men. But if she will let this man or that person to her, and how she will relate to such relationships, this is a completely different question, and you can get an answer to it only by looking at the symbolism of the name of Glafir, including astrological and numerological .

Character name Glafira

The character of the name Glafira is such that it promises to bearers a kind, benevolent, cheerful and optimistic nature. Usually such features as generosity, kindness, honesty, justice, purposefulness, correctness, condescension, benevolence, appeasiveness and pliability dominate in such. But these traits do not dominate all life. The closer to maturity, the more the character of the girl named Glafira changes. Already in maturity, she can turn into a fun, positive, but very principled and quick-tempered person. In this case, the character can be completely changed. And if the leadership skills manifest themselves, which usually endow the character of each Glaphira without exception, then all without exception will change. Then Glafira will become a full-fledged leader, a man with whom it is better not to argue and whom it is better not to criticize. However, criticism is a “taboo” at all - not one Glafira will tolerate criticism. True, the reaction may be different - spring ones are touchy and capricious, they can throw a tantrum, and winter ones, on the contrary, can react to criticism extremely angrily and aggressively.

However, all this is only a theory. The character actually depends not only on the characteristics of the name and its energy. Character also depends on education and many other equally important factors. And in this case, the character and is almost the most unpredictable factor.

The interaction of the character of Glafira with the seasons

Spring - a girl named Glafira, born under the auspices of the spring season, has such traits as emotionality, silence, shyness, touchiness, eccentricity, friendliness and lack of communication. Does not know how to make friends, often stays alone and suffers from a misunderstanding of the people around her. But it will be the perfect wife chosen one.

Summer - summer period will give birth to a girl of soul origin that is diversified and positive, ready to have fun and have fun, but too immersed in work and career building. Responsibility, punctuality, diligence, captiousness and demandingness - all this accompanies this in life, and helps her to establish the desired in work and in family relationships.

Autumn - the value of Autumn defines such parameters as delicacy, calmness, politeness, desire to develop and improve, to be the first and most respected in the name Glash. Negative attitude to the contentious fun and unpredictability, likes to live according to a plan drawn up personally. Does not trust intuition and is guided solely by common sense and logic.

Winter - and the nature of the winter ladies and not easy at all. It may seem calm and sociable, friendly and good-natured, respectable and positive, but in fact a brawler, also principled. He cannot live without criticism, he exposes everything to him and teaches everyone in his own way. Often scares even those who are afraid of losing, but despite this, is not able to apologize and go to reconciliation.

The fate of the name Glafira in relationships, love, marriage

The fate of the name Glafira in relations with members of the opposite sex, in love and in marriage as such, is very unpredictable. Predicting how Glafira’s attitude toward men will be is practically unrealistic, and from here it’s also unrealistic to guess how fate will turn out. Nevertheless, it is known that the fate of Glaphiram usually presents a lot of tests in terms of relationships. Usually Glafira, this is a Monogamous man. But the fact is that for the majority of Glafir the first marriage is unsuccessful and brings only grief.

But Glafira is from those people who take into account their mistakes and learn from them. As a result, fate in maturity can give Glafira a surprise in the form of a really good husband. Then fate can turn Glafira into an excellent mother, and last but not least, an ideal wife, whom her husband will never have to be unhappy.

On the other hand, the fate of the name Glafira is such that it can also promise a completely different alignment of events. And besides, if astrologers are to be trusted, then the fate of the name depends very little on the symbolism of the name, as well as on its characteristics.

Astrological Symbols

  • Stone mascot - Amethyst.
  • The patron planet is Mercury.
  • Patronizing element - Air.
  • Animal symbol carrier name Glafira - Filin.
  • The vegetable symbol is Phenicia.
  • The best zodiac is Virgo.
  • Happy day - Wednesday.
  • The perfect season is Summer.

Famous people

Tsarevna Glafira (daughter of the king of Cappadocia Archelaus)

Glafira Adolfovna Rinks (poetess)

Alymova Glafira Ivanovna (maid of honor of Empress Catherine)

Vasilevich Glafira Makaryevna (linguist, ethnographer-tungusoved)

Zhukovskaya Glafira Vyacheslavovna (Honored Artist of the RSFSR)

Kashirina Glafira Alekseevna (pilot, participant of the Great Patriotic War)

Okulova (Teodorovich) Glafira Ivanovna (Russian revolutionary)

Sidorova Glafira Petrovna (People's Artist of the USSR)

Tarkhanova Glafira Alexandrovna (modern theater and film actress)

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The name Glafira in Orthodoxy

Named Glafira, unlike other saints, are celebrated only once a year.

The Holy Virgin Martyr Glafira Amasiyskaya was persecuted and executed for believing in Christ on May 9 (April 26) 322 (According to some sources, Glafira died a natural death).

Saint Glafira lived at the beginning of the 4th century and was a servant in the house of the ruler of the Roman Empire, Licinius. Licinius issued decrees of tolerance for faith, but in reality he persecuted Christians. The two-faced emperor, once seeing the maidservant of his wife, Constance, the righteous maiden Glafira, desired her. Glafira, leading a pious lifestyle, asked for help from Constance, who organized her flight from the city. The emperor was informed that Glafira was sick and dying. In fact, Glafira, who fled to Armenia, was sheltered by Bishop Basil in the city of Amasia, where an Orthodox church was erected. In gratitude for the help and out of the love of Christ, the righteous Glafira gave all the money, which Queen Constance helped her, to build the temple. Licinius learned of this lie and ordered the return of the maid. However, Glafira died before an order came to Amasia to return her to the cruel ruler.

Character Glafira

Since childhood, Glafira will show himself as a creative child who knows how to build good relationships with children. She shows kindness, shares a toy, and at the same time, she is able to stand up for the weaker if the situation demands.

As he gets older, Glafira will show such qualities as curiosity, striving for self-knowledge, bordering on adventurism.And if you plan to name your baby Glafira, do not be afraid of this character trait. Glafire all benefit. She quickly learns to make the right decisions, and by studying the world, she gains experience and knowledge that will unfold in the works. She loves everything new, progressive, she is fascinated by the unknown, and people of this type achieve a lot, due to the irrepressible thirst for knowledge. Perhaps, at times, Glafira will be stubborn, to act in her own way, but this is only in rare cases, making important decisions. This trait does not harm her relations with others, on the contrary, Glafira can be known as a girl who knows what she wants to achieve in life. Parents need to take into account such a nuance that Glafira always needs external support, so psychological contact and trusting relationships should be built from childhood. Glafira will be successful in any field, her friends and colleagues will treat her with love and respect.

Glafira's name in history

There is a famous story that linked in a single plot the name Glafira Chaplinskoy and the hetman of the Zaporozhian Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Glafira was the daughter of the Polish military-political leader Daniel Chaplinsky, who in 1638 was a hetman governor in Chyhyryn and supervised the construction of the Kodak fortress on the banks of the Dnieper. When inspecting the fortress walls, D. Chaplinsky, wanting to hear praise, asked Bogdan’s opinion about the inaccessibility of the structure. To which B. Khmelnitsky replied that everything that was built by man can be destroyed by man. Outraged, Chaplinsky took Khmelnitsky under arrest, and Glafira helped the Cossack escape. Khmelnitsky, thanks to the help of Glafira, went to Poland, where he complained to the king about the willfulness of the Chigirin governor. D. Chaplinsky was punished, but the fate of Glafira lost in the historic whirlwind.

One of the first Russian harpists Glafira Ivanovna Alymova (1758 —1826) - was the maid of honor of Catherine II.

She was the 19th child in the family of Colonel I. A. Alymov, accounted for the far-away family of the Pushkins, who was a clever girl, a beauty, and a “charming intrigue”. Glafira Alymova was a graduate of the Smolny Institute, a special type of educational institution that has become an indicator of female education in Russia. In 1776, the first graduation of schoolgirls took place, and G. Alymova for her diligence was awarded the gold medal and Catherine's monogram on a white ribbon. This made it possible for a 17-year-old girl to become the maid of honor of the court. The fate of Glafira was full of many events, she led a turbulent social life. Today we have the opportunity to "meet" with G. Alymova in the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg. Her portrait painted by the artist D. G. Levitsky adorns one of the museum rooms.

Visitors admire the beautiful harpist, trying to read through Glafira Alymova’s smile a certain mystery through the centuries.

Glafira Vyacheslavovna ZhukovskaI (1898–1991), opera singer, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, who had a coloratura soprano. G. Zhukovskaya performed the main roles in the performances Ruslan and Lyudmila and Ivan Susanin. Her voice captivated the audience with purity and tenderness. The stage images of Glafira Vyacheslavovna were distinguished by sincerity and deep spiritual fullness. Contemporaries recalled: "Whatever she sang, everything was brilliant both in form and substance."

The name Glafira and our heroic past

Biography Glafiry AlekseevnyKashirina (1925-1943) - navigator of the air regiment, participant of the Great Patriotic War, awarded with the Order of the Military Red Banner, makes it necessary in a special way to look at the fate of a woman at war and at war in the fate of a man.

At the age of 17, Glafira went to war as a volunteer, because she worked at the flying club and always dreamed of becoming a pilot. First, she was enrolled as a mechanic in the famous "female" 588th Bomber Aviation Regiment and serviced aircraft. Later, having passed the “excellent” exams for the navigator, she performed combat missions as a navigator. Died on the first day of August 1943. Glafira Alekseevna made 107 night sorties, and she was 19 years old heroine.

Interesting facts about the name Glafira

The patron planet, Mercury, symbolizes curiosity and intellect.
Color –violet symbolizes knowledge and moderation.
The patron of stone - amethyst, symbolizes peace and sincerity.
The plant is a violet, is a symbol of modesty and beauty.
Tree - date, symbolizes abundance.
Animal – owl, bird of wisdom and knowledge.

Interesting to know: "Palearctia glaphyra"- butterflies with a very bright, mostly yellow-brown color, giving the impression of shaggy flying" mini-gliders ", belong to the category of insects and are frequent guests on cottages and green lawns. So this name is not only people.

The combination of the name Glafira with middle names

Choosing a name for your baby, do not forget to think about how it will be combined with the patronymic and surname. Glafira's name is very well combined with patronymic names beginning with the letter “a”, for example, Glafira Alexandrovna, Alekseevna, Anatolyevna, Andreevna, Artemovna. The combination with other patronymic names: Glafira Vasilyevna, Ivanovna, Mikhaylovna, Nikolaevna, Sergeevna will sound no less graceful. But the combination of the name Glafira with the patronymic Gennadievna, Georgievna, Grigorievna, Borisovna, Robertovna, Vladislavovna, Stanislavovna can cause controversy and debate in the family. But you want so much that the combination of name and patronymic sound like music or ringing spring.

Famous contemporaries named Glafira

Glafira Petrovna Sidorova (b. 1922) - Soviet and Russian actress, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR. Glafira Petrovna has worked at the Komi Republic Drama Theater since 1942. In her memoirs she tells that she has dreamed of becoming an actress since she remembers herself. Even at the age of six, by the role she knew how to laugh or cry at the right moment. Glafira Sidorova currently, at 96 years of age, leads an active creative life, being the artistic director of a creative studio at the Republican School of Arts.

Tarkhanova Glafira Alexandrovna (b. 1983) - film actress, actress of the Moscow theater "Satyricon". In childhood, Glafira was actively involved in music and sports. Became popular and recognizable after the release of the series "Gromov". In 2015, Glafira Tarkhanova was awarded the prize "Femme Fatale - Fatal Woman of the Year".