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Vaginal prolapse: symptoms, surgery

Unfortunately, the first signs of omission of the vaginal walls often can not be noticed, not only by the patients themselves, but also by gynecologists during a routine examination. This can be explained by the fact that the omission, sagging and openness of the entrance to the vagina, many experts consider the norm.

Why does the disease occur?

In medicine, there are many factors that can cause the occurrence of pathology, these include:

  • After childbirth. Loss of the posterior (anterior) wall of the vagina can cause significant tears and other injuries during the birth of a baby. In case of damage only to the deep layers, the disease can be ignored for a long time. The most proven way for a young mommy, to find out if everything is well with her, in terms of pelvic anatomy, whether her muscles have not damaged during the period of childbearing, is to consult a professional doctor. If the changes did not show themselves during the inspection, then in the future the problem most likely will not arise,

However, even if a woman actively fights infections, treatment will not bring effect. Inflammatory processes occur just because of the open genital slit, which does not hold its protective role. And the patient again and again makes an appointment with a gynecologist, every day actively struggles with infection, medications dulls itching, burning, and pathological discharge.

If timely resort to surgical correction of the pelvic floor, then in the future you can prevent the prolapse of the uterus, and maintain a healthy microflora. And accordingly, reduce the percentage of risk of inflammation in the genitals and cervix. Having recovered, sexual life will improve, and also it will overcome the chronic constipation and urinary incontinence that are classic for this disease.

Stages of the disease

Experts divided the three stages of omission of the vaginal walls, they can be distinguished by the degree of pathological changes.

  • Degree # 1 - both or one wall is moderately lowered, which provokes the pressure of organs,
  • Degree number 2 - The pressure becomes greater, in comparison with the previous degree, it increases two or even three times. Often this is accompanied by the fact that the body of the uterus is in the vagina, and the cervix of the cervix somewhere in the vestibule,
  • Degree number 3 - the walls of the vagina turn outwards, as a result the uterus falls out.

In addition, the omission of the vagina may be a consequence of the displacement of individual organs in the pelvis. So, allocate:

  • Cystocele - the omission of the anterior wall of the vagina, due to the pressure of the bladder, which is pathologically shifted. This causes weakened muscles or a stretched ligament to hold it,
  • Rectocele (Rectocele) - the omission of the posterior wall of the vagina, the operation is inevitable in many cases, subsequently excessive pressure of the intestine.

What changes occur in a woman's body before she falls ill?

  1. The walls of the vagina can not fall in one day. In the patient's body all the time there are general changes in the location of the vital internal organs. They provoke sagging.
  2. A woman can feel many symptoms on her own, but an expert can accurately make a diagnosis during a detailed examination.

Often this runs in parallel with:

  • uterine hypertrophy
  • polyp of the cervical canal,
  • pseudo-erosion.

As a result, the vaginal mucosa becomes dry, then the walls thicken or thin. During research, it is often found that microcirculation causes sclerotic deformity of the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Already at the first stage of the disease, a large person feels tingling in the lumbar region, lower abdomen, her breathing becomes difficult during sports, her working ability is significantly reduced.

Tissue irritation begins to appear, which manifests as an itch, the mucous becomes very dry. Often this causes the formation of erosion (ulcer) in the area of ​​the vagina. Intimacy, at the moment when the walls of the vagina begin to fall, will not bring pleasure, on the contrary, it will cause pain.

Art stitching

Known conservative ways to recover from the omission of the vaginal walls:

  • Exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region,
  • Many people prefer hormone replacement therapy, which compensates for the lack of the female sex hormone estrogen, therapy is perfectly complemented by gymnastics,
  • Vaginal pessaries in the vagina for several months, insert special rings that support the uterus in the desired position.
The omission of the vagina, a mandatory operation will be carried out only after the conservative method.

But, no method described above can cure the disease, they only help to overcome the further development of the disease, and it will proceed without symptoms. That is what almost all gynecologists of the country consider. In their opinion, the problem can only be solved by surgical intervention.

When is a mandatory operational impact?

The operation, which will warn and not allow the uterus to fall out is performed very quickly, it is completely simple and obligatory. Its prices vary and are considered individually.

  1. Through the opening of the vagina, the flap of the triangular-shaped mucous membrane is removed, then the pelvic floor muscle, which has lost its classic location, is exposed.
  2. Then, all the muscles that have fallen down are captured due to the ligature (binding thread) and take root together, returning to their original position. As a result, after a few weeks, the vaginal mucosa and the skin of the perineum are fully restored.
  3. If surgery will occur very quickly, general anesthesia is not used. In other cases, sparing anesthesia is administered to the patient, she makes a block on innervation below the belt.
  4. Recovery after surgery will last from one to two weeks.

In medicine, there are dozens of surgeries - from simple and affordable to very complex, high-tech.. Each doctor chooses on an individual basis, the cost is also determined. It all depends on the stage of development of the disease, the pathology, age of the woman. The doctor can offer her:

    A colporhaphy, during which the front, back or two walls of the vagina is sutured,